Cloud IXP connect – Cloud through exchange points

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Deal Score+6
Deal Score+6
  • Location: Selected PoPs in: America, Europe, Asia
  • Price includes: 2x 1Gb ethernet ports to #CloudConnectTest service worldwide, Dual VLAN 500Mbps. pay per95th percentile
  • Connect to through all or specific IXPs worldwide.
  • Increased data throughput by 147%, compared to connecting over the Internet
  • Predictable high performance, because data doesn’t experience the unpredictable traffic congestion and transmission lag times inherent in public networks
  • Enhanced information security resulting from using private connections to transmit data instead of public networks
  • Simplified integration of new technology services
  • Guaranteed >99.9999% availability, typically higher
  • 1yr commitment,
  • OPTIONAL: 30 day refund guarantee or 30 day grace period.

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